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Reclaim your life in a radiant, joyful, and healthful way

The path to health begins with you. You can be the healer in your lifeā€”it is a process that you can do in your own time, under your own volition. The path to health starts here. Through a series, of discussions, meditations, books and CD's, this healing life is your guide to a profoundly joyful, healthful and peaceful life.

  • Medicine Buddha: The Heart of Healing Disc Set

    The Heart of Healing is everything you need to practice Medicine Buddha. The Heart of Healing contains 4 discs with background and guided meditation.
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  • Getting Back to Wholeness

    Getting Back to Wholeness explores the basic structure of health in mind, body and spirit, and most importantly, the health in the healing process itself. It gives everyday ways to use these inner resources for healing on all levels.
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  • Request a Presentation

    Dr. James Sacamano has taught Medicine Buddha, The Five Wisdom Energies, meditation, mindfulness, and mind-body medicine to professionals and patients throughout North America, and is available to lead present these as requested. Click here to request a presentation.