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This Healing Life is dedicated to helping you reclaim the ultimate health of life from which you can live in a radiant, joyful way as you bring this health out to your world.

We meet this health in three basic healing ways—the paths of space, form, and community. When we understand these pathways we know how to heal.

Space may seem mysterious, but its basic function is to hold, or behold, things. Just as we feel loved when being seen or held, all things heal when held in the natural brightness of open space. And just as space is universal and beyond limit, the healing power of space is everywhere and independent of ideology. We explore the healing power of space in Getting Back to Wholeness, offered on The Healing Path.

Healing forms, on the other hand, are specific, as in correct medicines, therapies, etc. In The Heart of Healing we meet Medicine Buddha, the essence of all healing forms. While Buddhist in tradition, Medicine Buddha is really the human heart of healing. Everyone can use and benefit from this practice. The Heart of Healing partners well with Getting Back to Wholeness.

Healing through community is sharing the healing process with others.

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