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Audio CD: Medicine Buddha: The Heart of Healing Disc Set

“Medicine Buddha is a way of gaining access to our own innate wisdom…With it, we achieve health in this life and we are blessed throughout future lives as well. And we cultivate the potential to benefit the environment and all beings in that environment. —The Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche

Good health is more than just freedom from disease. It is the dynamic force of wholeness, love and joy in all life. Medicine Buddha has helped people achieve ultimate health for over 2500 years, and continues to help today.

This 4 CD set contains recordings to guide you in:

  • The practice of Medicine Buddha for body, mind and spirit
  • The power of all four basic body postures in healing
  • Body Scan for deeper, more grounded awareness
  • Sitting Meditation as the foundation of a healthy life

This program is for health professionals, people with health concerns, and anyone interested in healing.

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