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The Healing Path

Getting Back to Wholeness is a platform from which you can gain an overview of health and the entire healing process, and from that, harness any healing power to your life. In the usual rush of life, we tend to get caught in surface issues and miss what a healthy life really is. Yet a limited view of health and healing can distort how we live all our life. Here we study the inner structure of all health, ways to contact this health, and ways to find our particular healing pathway in life. We find pathways of greater awareness of who and what we are and how to live well.

We start with earth. Look into your relationship with planet earth, the earth within and any sense of basic groundedness. How well do you know these in your life? Do you feel settled and grounded, or do you feel restless and uneasy about who you are or about the ground you have cultivated as your life-base over the years?

We discuss ways to reclaim the goodness of earth paths for a healing life. We then work with the sky, life and space paths of body-based health within, the five dimensions of mind-based health and basic forces of spirituality and health.

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