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The Heart of Healing

Medicine Buddha is way to bring the healing power of wakefulness in all human hearts out to any difficult life situation we might face—illness, conflict, or general uncertainty. When we understand this power and how to use it, we can find relief for any problem that we will ever face. This practice also helps us gather the merit and wisdom needed to help others and for the eventual complete and permanent relief of all suffering.

The Heart of Healing CD set provides an easy introduction to Medicine Buddha with a focus on understanding this practice and on how to use of it for healing. Two lectures discuss the history and theory of Medicine Buddha. A third explains the practice and offers a session that you can practice along with. And a final disc provides a body scan, sitting meditation instructions, guided sitting session and a discussion on mindfulness, compassion and transcendence in the healing process. An accompanying Guide to Medicine Buddha explains health and illness from the perspective of the Buddhist path. While often thought of as a religion, in fact the Buddhist path is a way to see the deep processes of life in a simple, human way. Medicine Buddha is a way to use these deep processes for healing, and is appropriate for people of any or no religious conviction.

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